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Our Choir

Wembley Shul has had a choir for almost 50 years. David Druce has been the choirmaster since 2005. A service with choral music adds something special, and the community clearly appreciates the enthusiasm, dedication and effort that all the choristers put into their singing.
The choir sings at least once a month: always on Shabbat Mevorachim, and more often during Yom Tovim. We are always looking for new members. If you would like to know more please contact us via the contacts page

On Sunday 8th January, 2017;  Wembley members past and present gathered to celebrate 50 years of the Wembley Shul Choir.  After a reception, provided by the Ladies, Guild, members took their seats in the Shul, for a heart-warming evening.  Leigh Lewis wove together the reminiscences of former choirmasters, chazanim and rabbanim, who sent messages of greeting and congratulations to the choir and Shul.  Bernard Pentol recalled the moment of the choir’s inception, when he was requested to form a choir, and many mentions were made throughout the evening of Lou Jackson, choirmaster for many years.  The Shul Choir, together with the Cantorial Singers, performed under the baton of David Druce, with a guest appearance by Stephen Games, a former choirmaster.  They were joined by  Rev Anthony Wolfson and Cantor Stephen Robins, chazanim of our shul for many years, as well as Henry Black and Rev David Rome.

At Wembley Synagogue we are proud that our Choir Master David Druce is also the Choir Master of the London Cantorial Choir, (pictured left).
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