17 / 18 JULY 2020

26 TAMMUZ 5780



I am very happy to report that we held successful Shabbat morning services last Shabbat and that we will be open again this Shabbat. We are obliged to limit numbers attending to 30 and all attendees will need to have been put onto the US ticketing system and only those who have received confirmation by email or over the telephone that they are on the system and a place is available for them may be allowed into the shul. It is paramount that our procedures should enhance your safety and comply with the Law, US guidelines and common sense. Detailed instructions for those attending shul are attached so that even if you are not coming to shul this week, you may familiarise yourselves with what is required.


All services will be held in the main synagogue, social distancing must be observed and attendees will need to sit at permitted places – these will be marked on the pews. Movement flows into, out of and around the shul will be controlled via separate entrances and marked routes. Where gloves will need to be used they will be available as will face-masks (though you would be well advised to come to shul in a face-mask), hand-wash, anti-bacterial gel, etc.


The service will start at 10:30 am from “Shochen Ad” and, including leyening, will last no more than 2 hours. All attending will be required to wear face-masks for the duration of the service and to sit and remain 2 metres apart from fellow congregants on the marked seats. Social distancing will also need to be observed when you use the toilets. If you need to use the shul’s siddurim and chumashim, we would like you to put these away at the end of the service either by leaving them in your box or by leaving them on your seat and to use the same books on your future attendances at synagogue services. I know that I can rely on your enthusiastic co-operation to make this all work. This is not what we are used to, but it is still much better than what we have had up to now.


Shabbat times: Matot-Maasei (17/18 July)

Shabbat starts at 8:55 pm on Friday evening. 

Shabbat ends at 10.09 pm on Saturday evening.


Rosh Chodesh Av is on Tuesday evening/Monday 21/22 July


Next week’s Shabbat times: Devarim (24/25 July)

Shabbat starts at 8:47 pm on Friday evening

Shabbat ends at 9:58 pm on Saturday evening.


Due to the current situation we are unable to send out in the post notifications of Yahrzeits.  We do send out yahrzeit notifications by email (to those members who have given us their email addresses). If you know of anyone who does not have email but would like the office to ring them with yahrzeit details, say two weeks in advance of the date, please ask them to ring Sheila Braude and she will arrange this.


Arrangements have been made with Rabbi Harris, for him to recite the names of your dear departed relatives in his daily prayers on the yahrzeit date. If you would like him to do this for you, please tell Sheila Braude (on the phone or by email) so that she can include the names in the daily memorial list she compiles for the Rabbi.


Rabbi Harris will also recite names of departed relatives, where the yahrzeit is in the coming week, in the Memorial Prayer after leyening on Shabbat morning.


Our Administrator, Sheila Braude is working from home and can be contacted on 07871754602.  


Under the present emergency conditions we are unable to bank cheques or cash, but if you can please ring Sheila on this number she will be able to process credit and debit card payments and deal with any other questions you may have.


Alternatively, you may make a BACS transfer, using the following NatWest Bank  Sort code: 60-80-07 ;   Account number:  79500420 ;  Account name:  Wembley United Synagogue


Please be careful and stay well during this emergency so that we can once again meet in better times.


SHABBAT SHALOM and best wishes for your continued good health.






17 / 18 JULY 2020

26 TAMMUZ 5780


These are additional to the normal weekly announcements.  We are again reopening the shul for a Shabbat morning service on Shabbat, 18 July. I know how much we all want this but we must do so as safely as possible and within Government Guidelines.


The procedure for the Reading of the Law and call-ups (which is stripped down to the essentials) will be as follows:

  1. The Ark curtains will be opened by the Rabbi wearing gloves. Once the curtains are opened, after “Vayehi binsoa..” the Rabbi will remove the sefer torah and bring it up to the bimah. The Rabbi returns and closes the curtains (the Ark doors are opened in the morning and remain open throughout the service).

  2. The Rabbi will remove the mantel from the sefer and Cohen is called up.

  3. The Cohen stands up at his seat, looking towards the sefer torah, recites the blessings. He remains standing throughout the reading of the first portion.

  4. The Rabbi reads the first portion.

  5. At the conclusion of the portion, the Cohen recites the concluding blessings and sits down.

  6. The Levite is called and steps 3, 4 and 5 are repeated.

  7. Similarly when the next 5 men are called up, steps 3, 4, and 5 are repeated.

  8. For the present, the Rabbi will read the maftir and will after hagbah recite the haftorah. The hagbah is called up but does not at this point go up.

  9. The Rabbi recites a combined mi sheBerach for all who have been called up and a general refuah shelema prayer.

  10. The Rabbi having closed the sefer torah, goes down from the bimah and when he is 2 metres away, the hagbah (wearing gloves) alone goes up and clothes the sefer torah putting it into one of the holders at the back of the bimah. He then goes down and making sure of the 2 metre separation the Rabbi goes up onto the bimah and concludes this part of the service with “Yekum Purkan to Ashrei”, including a Memorial Prayer for the yahrzeits in the coming week.

  11. The Rabbi returns the sefer torah to the Ark. After “Uvenucham Yomar..” he closes the curtains and returns to the bimah.


    There will an opportunity to recite kaddish at the end of the service.


    Other important information

    The numbers allowed onto the site will be limited to 30 people (including security and cleaning staff) and it is necessary for anyone who wishes to attend to pre-book.  This is required so that in the unfortunate event of someone attending who is a carrier of the coronavirus, we can assist in tracing all who might be affected. Booking should be done on-line via the US web-site “Events” module. Please go to: https://myus.theus.org.uk/events/62037/shabbat-services-18-july/#eventTicketSelectionForm  on the internet to find the booking form.  Please note that the latest date for using the on-line booking system for Shabbat, 25 July, is Wednesday, 22 July and similarly, each person who wishes to attend shul will need to book by close of play on Wednesday, each week for following weeks. If you are having difficulties in making the booking, or have just missed the deadline, please email at office@wembleysynagogue.org.uk or phone Sheila Braude on 07871754602 her and she will sort out the details for you. 


    Whilst attending the service you will need to sit on a seat marked with a white label. Each of these permitted seats are 2 metres from the next permitted seat and we are also ensuring that the aisles also comply. You will need to wear a mask (which we can provide). 


    The Government Guidelines are adamant that the congregation may not sing along with the Sheliach Tzibbur (the officiant). I know that it is second nature with us to sing along with the chazzan, but, please be careful, you must not!


    When you come into shul you will be offered an anti-bacterial sanitary spray for your hands. Washing your hands frequently and using the spray reduce your risk of contracting the virus. Unless you are doing hagbah, you are not required to wear gloves.


    There will be a counter clockwise one-way routing system in use and you may only enter by the door by the Beth Hamedresh (where a member of the security team will open the door for you) and you may only exit by the main door. Please follow the signs and take no short-cuts! – go round to make sure you do not need to bump into anyone on the way. 


    If you need to take a shul siddur or chumash, you must not replace it afterwards but keep it your box or a nearby box or leave it on your seat, for use by only yourself in the following weeks.  This will be a big culture change - do not kiss anything (mezuzot, siddurim, chumashim, or the sefer torah)!


    At all times during the service you need to be aware of “distancing” issues and take other sensible precautions. Please be alert and be careful.


    Only one person at a time may use a toilet. Leaving your seat and going to the toilet you must follow the one-way routing system. When you go inside, please flip the sign hung on the door to “ENGAGED” and when you come out, flip it to “VACANT”. Clearly you will have washed your hands in the toilet, but you need to also spray it with the anti-bacterial spray when you have come out. Bottles of this will be available around the shul.


    Please be careful and stay well during this emergency so that we can once again meet in shul. In the meantime, I wish you and your families, good health and ...