Who We Are


Wembley is a place where things are happening. The Services in our Shul are warm and friendly. Never does a Shabbat pass without a Kiddush in the community hall.  And on every Shabbat Mevarachin it’s deluxe: plenty of herring and whisky. We have a dedicated Ladies Guild who ensure that we are always taken care of properly. And we have "Wembley Link" which organizes social activities for all tastes.


There is a Rabbi’s Shiur during the week as well as on Shabbat afternoon. There is a friendship club for our seniors and a children’s Service every Shabbat and Yom Tov for our youngsters.  All the basic components of a functioning community that you would expect to find.


However, Wembley is a place that could be taking off. The historic reasons why Jews left Brent no longer obtain. Today we still boast the largest Primary and Jewish Secondary Schools in Europe: Sinai and the Jewish Free School [JFS]. And for the more Dati we have Noam on our Synagogue premises. All three schools are excellent educational establishments. In our immediate locale there are five Synagogues in total: one for the Spanish and Portuguese; another serving the Eastern Communities; and three United Synagogues for traditional Ashkenazim. All have serving Rabbis.


A super-group of self-motivated individuals have merged all five Shuls for a cross-communal three-term-a-year educational and cultural programme [KKW5]. Such co-operation must be commended and could be a model that other communities might seek to replicate. The neighbourhood has the Kingsbury Mikve and a Kedassia Bakery, Parkways, on Preston Road. Out of the rush hour we are literally ten minutes drive from Golders Green. We are not in the "cholent" but very proximate.

Where we are...

Wembley Synagogue, Forty Avenue, Wembley,


Tel: 020 8904 6565


Office hours: Sunday and Thursday, 10.15 – 12.30 except first Sunday of month, or by appointment.
Minister: Rabbi Simon Harris, BA (Hons), MST (Oxon)

Wembley itself is undergoing a major transformation. Around the famous stadium "Wembley City" and "Wembley Village" are being built. Over one hundred designer outlets including all the well-known household names have been opened. This complex will be one of the largest of its type in the UK.  Also restaurants (not for you and me), cinemas, play areas, walkways, water fountains and fresh grass verges: a flourishing new centre in North-West London is emerging.  A Hilton, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn: all types and grades of hotels ideal for Simchas and overnight stays including the stadium itself, which sports magnificent banqueting facilities.


New apartment blocks and houses are springing up everywhere. The old town hall has been totally refurbished as a French Lycee. Across the road a very successful Academy has been up and running for some years now. The New Civic Centre is architecturally most pleasing with a large lending library. A burgeoning trading estate and large warehouse stores are additional features of the new City. The older housing stock is much to be preferred over many other Jewish neighbourhoods in London, and the travel links are unsurpassed. Twenty minutes on the Metropolitan or Jubilee lines and you are in Central London. The Northern Line is just no match.


In our particular Shul, Wembley United Synagogue, both our Rabbi and Rebbetzin are Oxford graduates. Our Rabbi, Simon Harris, spent many years in learning and has Semicha, from among others, the late Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzchak Kolitz, Zatzal. The Rebbetzin, Alison, is a music teacher and they have two children, Akiva and Levana, both third generation Hasmoneans. Although our rabbi is officially part-time he is totally committed to helping people grow in their Torah learning and pastoral care. Rabbi Harris is also occupied with post-graduate research concerning the redaction of the Babylonian Talmud.


Nothing would give us and our Rabbi greater pleasure than for more Jews to decide to make Wembley their home once more. Our community has some three hundred and fifty members predominantly in later life. We are a charming group but ripe for revitalization. We could take off with your help and interest.

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