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Weekly Learning



Shabbat afternoon Talmud Shiur

This Shiur is taken by Rabbi Harris who notes that the Wembley community is blessed with many inquiring and searching minds which makes the Shiur one of his favourite duties. It is an opportunity for members to spar intellectually with each other and with him. Rabbi Harris is able to bring to bear his traditional Yeshivah background together with a healthy academic scepticism: the product of a Bachelor’s degree in Hebrew & Aramaic, a Masters degree in Oriental Studies, and post-graduate research on the Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud.
His audience is drawn from all walks of life and has developed into his best group of critics – nobody lets the Rabbi off the hook!

We are always looking for new attendees to join the men who have been devoted participants for over nine years.


Project Seed

The Wembley branch of Project Seed has had a successful and continuous run for over 30 years. It is still going strong and has a loyal following. Its viability as a forum for a Chavruta-based one to one study group is largely due to the efforts of Ray Feather, in coordinating suitable study partners for the group. He is ably supported by Paul Danciger who has been a long standing attendee. In the past year new members have joined this group and we hope to attract more.



The SMILE Shiur (Senior Members’ Interactive Learning Experience) was initiated by Rabbi Martin van den Bergh in 2002. Since his departure the Shiur has been led by Joel Carmel and meets every Thursday morning at 10.30am. The group studies Mishnayot. Joel’s teaching caters for all levels of knowledge, and new members would be made most welcome.

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